About the hike

Please join us in Yosemite for our hike to Histio Look-Out. You’ll be part of a very special group of family and friends of those affected by histiocytosis – all of us working together to raise funds to find a cure for this difficult disease.

With each step on the 18 mile hike we are reminded of the exhausting, seemingly never-ending journey faced each day by those fighting histiocytosis. The hike is hard – no doubt. Fighting histiocytosis is significantly harder. Yet there is a special beauty in Yosemite and an incredible energy that comes from making the journey with the support of those that share your goal. When you hike you are representing the family and friends that have sponsored you. It is a great feeling when you reach that goal you spoke about – both your objective on the mountain and your fundraising objective.

Sunday night over dinner you will have so much to share with your fellow hikers. Back at home, school or work you will have many stories to share with your sponsors – not just about the mountain, but about the “Histio Hero’s” and their families that you met. It is a great experience because you know the funds you have raised will impact the lives of those affected by histiocytosis. Someday you will read that we have found a cure – and you will know you were a part of that. Thank you.



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