Recommended supplies

(Strongly) Recommended supplies for the hike.

  • 4-6 quarts (1-1.5 gal) of water/energy drinks (This is extremely important. There is no drinkable water available on the hike. Dehydration is a serious problem.)
  • Hiking boots or heavy duty walking shoes - broken in many weeks before the hike. New boots/shoes can cause serious blisters.
  • Hat
  • Sunscreen
  • Light jacket, sweater or sweatshirt for cool morning and evening
  • Flashlight (it is dark at the start and likely at the finish)
  • Rain Poncho (optional)
  • Small First Aid Kit (optional)

Food suggestions

  • Breakfast (before the hike) - yogurt, muffins, cheese sticks, orange juice
  • Lunch - sourdough rolls, salami, beef jerky, peanut butter, nuts, fruit
  • Snack - energy bars*, granola bars, fruit, nuts, trail mix
  • Dinner - provided at Curry Village

    *Energy bars really work!



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