Your Fundraising Page

After you register return to the the Hike for a Cure event page at the Histio Cure Foundation website and set up your very own page.

Your friends can find your site quickly at the link you received when you registered. This has proven to be a great way for your sponsors to donate. They click on your link from your Facebook page or email, quickly end up at your personalized page, make their donation and immediately see your donation total increase and can see their name as a contributor.

As an example.

You can upload your own photo and load your own text. There’s also page layout options which include an graphic showing % of funds towards your goal. From your set up page you can launch emails and review donations you’ve received.

Minimum Goal: The primary purpose of Hike For A Cure is to raise funds for research into a cure for histiocytosis. We ask that each adult that joins the hike commit to raise a minimum of $250. Our goal is to raise >$100K this year – that’s a big number! However when we each do our part the sum of our actions is significant indeed!



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