Lodging Details

When you register for the hike we’ll send you a link and group code to register online for lodging at the Yosemite site. We have pre-reserved a block of tent cabins at Half Dome Village. It is important that you book through this link in order to be included in our group. Because of the number of cabins we commit to with Half Dome Village we are able to get special access and support for our event from them and of course we ensure we have cabins for our hikers since cabins sell-out well in advance at Yosemite these days.

Once you've entered the group code the process and terms are the same as booking a regular reservation with Yosemite. We were able to get a slightly lower rate for Friday and Saturday and a "low season" rate for Sunday night to encourage you to stay, relax (and recover) after the hike.

Tent cabins are rustic but relatively comfortable. More information is available here.

Colleen has a handful of hardwall rooms we have already prepaid with Half Dome Village. If you are a Histio family with special needs, please contact Colleen directly to discuss availability of these rooms.



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